8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

Diet Plan Customized For Your Personal Body, Goals And Taste Buds.

custom keto diet

Get Your Own Personalized Keto Diet Today!

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8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan is a fully customized keto diet plan that sets you up with an 8 week regime based on your body, lifestyle, taste buds and goals. Unlike many other programs, this one actually takes you into consideration, which is so important since every one is different. There is no such thing as one weight loss regime that works incredibly well for everyone who does it. In order to lose sustainable weight the healthy way, you need to follow a plan that is designed specifically for you. Unfortunately, this usually costs a pretty penny and takes an abundance of planning and researching, making it an unrealistic option for many people. 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan changes that with a detailed 8-week keto plan, information, and cookbooks that are created for you based on a quick and easy questionnaire that tells the creator what you need to achieve your goals.



Rachel Roberts is the author of 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan. Like many of us, she also fell for all the myths, scams, lies and influencer-promoted weight loss guidelines that didn’t work. Being frustrated with the excess fat she still had regardless of her efforts, Rachel started to do some research. She found scientific studies about the mistakes and solutions for successfully losing sustainable weight. It all comes down to following a regime that is customized to your body, situation, goals and taste buds.


Well, not to advertise for a certain sneaker, but you “just do it” All you need to do is open the program on your computer or device and start planning your own diet and fitness program.

Firstly, you will create a plan based upon your gender. A female diet would be different from a male. After all we store and burn fat in different ways. You then indicate what your daily activity level is. You will select the meats you would like to eat (and you vegetarians, don’t despair-you can absolutely do this thanks to the meatless option), veggies you like, and your dimensions.

Once you have entered this info, you get some charts and graphs that will advise you of your macros, or the carbs, fats, and proteins you should be taking in. You will also see your BMI and you will get a recommendation on how much water to take in.
Once this is all set up, you can start by preparing some of the recipes and implementing the diet plans the program creates based on your individual parameters. You will be glad to know all nutritional info is included with these meals. Calorie tracking is a cinch and so is portion control.

They Did It. You Can Too!



The Custom Keto Diet™ plan is very affordable. It goes for only $37 which makes it a cost-effective option compared to other plans. Additionally, if you are not happy with the plan you are entitled to a 60 day money back guarantee. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you will get what you wanted without second-guessing if there will be a refund or not.




Let me start off by saying the keto diet is not for everyone. The diet itself is not easy at first as your body goes through a huge adjustment. This program itself is really helpful as it eliminates the hardest part of the diet which is meal planning and cooking. This program creates a meal plan for you including an ingredient shopping list to make your life that much easier.

If followed correctly the diet will make you lose weight. It’s not some miracle diet where you will drop 20 pounds overnight. If done correctly you should lose 2-3 pounds a week which is in the healthy range. So if you are looking for a detailed step by step keto diet plan then this program should be great for you. Even is tailored just for you with recipes from ingredients you enjoy.

Get Your Own Personalized Keto Diet Today!

For ONLY 37$

(Regular Price 97$)