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• Ignite: a great liquid weight loss formula developed based on the ancient Amazonian sunrise ritual.

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a brand new morning weight loss supplement formulated using 12 active ingredients obtained from the Amazon basin that has been used by an isolated tribe for years. The supplement addresses the root cause of unhealthy weight gain which is the dormancy of the morning hormone, BAM15. The manufacturer assures that Ignite will be effective for all people as it contains scientifically-backed ingredients. Each batch of Ignite contains 60 mL of the supplement which is sufficient for a month’s intake. 

Now, with the hype and demand surrounding the supplement, a frequent query that is popping up is “Does Ignite Really Work?”. Well, no supplement will still be trending and in great demand in the market and among weight loss circles if it doesn’t deliver any results. Considering this fact and the positive responses from customers, Ignite does seem to be a working weight loss supplement. So, Ignite does work, but the time for results may vary with each person. 

How Does It Work?

As per the data released by the research team behind the formulation of the supplement, Ignite dietary formula works by increasing the production of BAM15 levels in the user’s body to aid in healthy weight loss. 

BAM15 is a new mitochondrial uncoupler that is undergoing several scientific studies and is found to offer several health benefits. Its primary function is protecting mammals from cold-induced microtubule damage and renal ischemic-reperfusion injury. Recent scientific studies suggest that BAM15 lowers body fat mass without elevating body temperature or affecting food intake and lean muscle mass. In addition to this, the hormone reduces insulin resistance and positively impacts oxidative stress and inflammation. 

The scientific discovery that this supplement is based on found that the solution to obesity and related health problems is a new hormone called BAM15 that health professionals address as morning or sunrise hormone. This study discovers that BAM15 burns stubborn fat far more effectively than any diet or exercise. The scientists also found that this hormone becomes dormant as you start aging. This implies that it becomes really difficult to fight unhealthy weight gain.

Now, what Ignite tries to do is activate the dormant BAM15 hormone and increase its production in the body. This naturally causes excess fat accumulated in the body to melt instantly resulting in healthy weight loss and a boost in energy levels. The targeting of BAM15 levels in the body is an active research field that has gained momentum recently. This is why the Ignite formula proves to be unique and far better than other weight loss supplements. 

What Are The Ingredients?

Here is the list of Ignite Drops ingredients and their health benefits that help the supplement in performing the claimed benefits. 

🔹 Maca Root: Maca is a South African-born herb that enhances the BAM 15 hormone level in the body. It reduces anxiety and depression along with improving your mood and energy.
🔹 Guarana Seed: Guarana is a climber plant found in Brazil, especially in the Amazon rainforest. It stimulates BAM 15 hormone, prevents cardiovascular diseases, regulates intestine and digestion, and has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties. 
🔹 Astragalus Root: Astragalus or Mongolian milkvetch is a plant that has been used in the traditional medical system of China. The plant helps in boosting BAM 15 hormone levels, boosting energy, supporting anti-aging, and fighting inflammation and insulin resistance. 
🔹 Grapefruit Seed: Grapefruit seed along with boosting the immune system, reducing cellulite, and fighting bacteria, viruses, and fungi, stimulates the production of the BAM 15 hormone.  
🔹 Grape Seed Extract: The extract taken from the seeds of wine grapes enhances bone strength, prevents skin cancer and improves brain functions, and lowers LDL cholesterol. It helps to reduce anxiety and improves mental clarity. 

There are other weight loss supporting ingredients like Gymnema Leaf, Forskohlii Root, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root, Capsicum Annuum Fruit, and African Mango. These ingredients are beneficial for improving overall health.  

Benefits Of Ignite

The natural ingredients of Ignite Drops are scientifically chosen for certain health benefits, here are the Ignite Drops benefits 

Rapid weight loss: Ignite Drops supplement causes rapid weight loss through the boosting of the production of BAM 15 hormone. The hormone plays a vital role in insulin sensitivity as well as fat burning. 

Boosts energy level: Ignite Drops help the customer with improved metabolism and improved energy level. 

Reduce stress and anxiety: There are many ingredients in Ignite Drops that are good for mental health. The drops help to reduce anxiety and stress along with improving mental clarity. 

Recommended Dosage and Duration of Use

It is recommended on the official Ignite Drops website that customers should consume 10 drops of Ignite drops solution as part of their morning routine.

The dropper given along with the bottle can be used for measuring or administering the drops. Pour the drops underneath the tongue and hold for 30 seconds for the best result. Then you can swallow the drops. 

The time taken for finding the expected result is 2 to three months as per the official website of Ignite Drops. The result and time period may vary from person to person as each body is unique.

Anyhow the result may stay longer for a period of one to two years if the person is ready to change their lifestyle with a healthy diet and proper exercise. 

Is Ignite safe?

Ignite Drop is a wholly natural product with no additives, additives, GMOs, gluten, or any other toxic element in it. The drops are made in FDA and GMP-approved facilities with 12 high-quality ingredients.

Apart from all these facts, there are no negative concerns or comments from the customers available anywhere. The testimonials as well as reviews of experienced customers strengthen the safety of the product. 

Ignite Drops are designed for men and women above 18. Conceiving women, lactating mothers, and people who are under medication are advised to get their doctor’s permission before beginning the consumption of Ignite Drops. 

Money Back Guarantee

Ignite comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied within the first 60 days, just let the support team know you will get a full refund.

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