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WHAT IS The Lost Book of Remedies™?

The Lost Book of Remedies™ refers to a comprehensive guide by Claude Davis containing a list of all plants that have medicinal values. The author not only includes the names of these plants but also pictures of them to make it easy for you to identify them.

Along with the name and pictures, you will also find detailed recipes on how to prepare medical concoctions from the plants to treat specific diseases.

The author aims to empower you with information about medicinal plants growing around you. Those plants you cannot wait to uproot as weeds could be having powerful medicinal effects. The guide is well researched and written straightforwardly to help you easily use it.

The inclusion of images of different plants is to remove any confusion that might come as you try to identify the specific plants.


Claude Davis is a survival practitioner who also runs the site He has been widely involved in teaching people to be independent of the modern luxuries of life and to learn to survive the way our ancestors did 200 years ago.

According to the author, these skills will come in handy in case of an emergency that deprives you of these luxuries. The book teaches you about traditional forms of medicines and why they are better than what we are used to.

How Does It Work?

The Lost Book of Remedies™ not only shows you the plants have medicinal properties but also how you can buy them and grow them in your backyard. The author wants you to stop wasting money on ineffective and potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Once you buy this book, you will learn about more than 125 medicinal plants, how to grow them, and how to make plant-based medicines from them.

The recipes are written simply and straightforwardly for you to easily understand. You will learn about the plants to use as poultices and those that require being cooked and the exact dosage to take.
As some of the plants the author talks about are weeds, finding them might appear a bit hard. To help you, the author has included some tips to help you identify them.

Benefits of The Lost Book of Remedies™

🟢 Cheaper Medicines
Once you have bought this program and planted these medicinal plants in your garden, you will have medications for all common illnesses for free. This is a much cheaper way of treatment than hospital appointments.

🟢 Traditional Medications Work
Traditional medicines based on plant extracts may not be wildly popular but there is no denying that they do work. In the past when modern medicine had not been invented, our ancestors healed themselves pretty well using them and there is no reason they should not work today.

🟢 Zero Side Effects
The other beautiful thing about using traditional plants and herbs instead of pharmaceutical drugs is that they don’t expose you to any side effects. When you use them, you can be sure you won’t suffer from any side effects that come with hospital meds.


The book contains an in-depth breakdown and identification of plants so that even if you have zero knowledge about plants, you will have no problem understanding them.

It contains plants grouped according to different categories such as location and types of plants. The goal is to enable you easily the plants as well as what they can do.

And since it includes images, there won’t be any confusion or doubts regarding the plants.

You will also learn how to prepare each plant remedy to treat different illnesses. There are plants that you can use as poultices while others require cooking or boiling.

After preparing the medical concoctions, the next thing you will learn is the correct way of using them, This includes the amount and frequency.

As a bonus, you will also learn about the plants that are good to eat while you are out in the wild and those to avoid like the plague. A good example is that of cattails. They can be used as wild grasses and also a cure for skin infections.

Finally, you will also learn plants whose different parts are good for use and others aren’t. Referring to the cattails above, their roots and stems may be edible but you should avoid eating the jelly-like stuff between its leaves as it is poisonous.


The Lost Book Of Remedies™ plan is very affordable. It goes for only $37 which makes it a cost-effective option compared to what will you get. Additionally, if you are not happy with the plan you are entitled to a 60 day money back guarantee. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you will get what you wanted without second-guessing if there will be a refund or not.


  • It is instantly available upon the payment of a one-time fee.
  • It teaches you lots of survival strategies should you find yourself stuck in the wild.
  • It can be followed by everyone respective of their age.
  • You will learn about plants to incorporate into your food for improving your gut health and immunity.
  • The guide comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. This means that you have 60 days to try the program and if it does not work, or if you find that it does not deliver on its promises, you get your money back.


  • You will need to be patient because you have to grow the plants and wait for them to mature before you can start using them for medicinal purposes.

Verdict: Should You Buy The Lost Book of Remedies™?

The Lost Book of Remedies™ is a collection of traditional medications that our ancestors used to keep well 200 years ago. It contains a list of all the plants that have medicinal values as well as how to use them to cure different ailments.

It contains pictures of the different plants to make their identification easier. You will not only learn about the plants with medicinal values but also how to grow them right in your backyard so that you can always have medicines for all kinds of diseases.

Plus, Claude Davis even teaches you how to make medicines out of them and the proper way to use them. As a show of confidence in the product, the author has included a watertight money-back guarantee to go with each purchase. We recommend it.

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